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Sunday November 27th 2022


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[Waec Answer] Waec 2018 Animal Husbandry Objective And Theory Alternative B Questions And Answers Now Posted


Animal Husbandry Objective And Theory Questions And Answers.

Animal Husbandry OBJ:





1a) Ration is the amount of feeds given to farm animal within 24hrs which comprises a careful combination of carbohydrate, protein , fat and oil , vitamin and mineral

(1bi) Here the to be formed is either to be feed for increase in size, so therefore it influence the formation of feed for the animal

(1bii) Age of animals influence feed Formation such that the feed to be produced depend on the age of the animal e.g a male or young chicken cannot be given a finished mash.

(biii) Feeds are also produced base on the purpose at which the farmer is rearing the animals example ( a chicken that is to be raised for the purpose of having eggs will be given a particular type of feed meet for having of egg.

(biv) Scarcity of ingredients in a particular area also cause inability feed that needs that ingredients





(I)cervical air sac

(ii)clavicular air sac



(i) Rectum:
– it is the last stop before the faces

– it is eliminated through the anal canal

(ii) Bladder:
– it functions as body urine

(iii) Scrotum:
– it contains the testicles called (tester)

(iv) Ampulla:
– it contains the cupula, aclustter of sensitive hairs embedded in the jelly like mound.


(i) Cervical air sec:
– the extension of lungs in birds

(ii) Claviculae air sac:
– it permit a un individual flow of air

(iii) Sinus:
– lighter of the sull or improve voice

(iv) Tractiea:
– an integer part which air away hen

(3c) During mastication or chewing of cassava in the mouth of a pig. The salivary gland of the pig produces a digestive enzyme called ptyalin which act on the cassava thereby converting the cassava starch to maltose. The salver also helps for the lubrication of the food curd(cassava tuber).

(i) Comb

(ii) Eyes

(iii) hock joint

(iv) foot

(v) abdomen

(i) New castle disease

(ii) Infections bronchitis

(iii) Avian pox

(i) Loss of Appetite

(ii) Excessive Thirst

(iii) Weight Loss

(iv) Slobbering

(v) Vomiting

(4ci) Drenching is the administering of drug to an animal by mouth mouth into the stomach, usually by force, to rid them of helminths parasites, such as roundworm, flukes and tapeworm.

(4cii) Dipping is is an efficient method of delivering pesticide or other liquid treatments to a large herd to protect sheep from infestation against external parasites such as itch mite, blow-fly, ticks and lice.

(i) Respiratory system

(ii) Digestive system

(iii) Reproductory system

(i) Producers

(ii) Retailers

(iii) Wholesalers

(iv) Private middlemen

(v) Commodity board.

(6bi) Pasteurization is the process by which milk is heated to destroy all micro organisms present without seriously affecting the composition of the products.

(i) Helps to preserve the milk for a long time.

(ii) Sterilize tye milk by killing micro organisms in the milk.

(I) butter.

(ii) ice cream.

(iii) skin-milk.

(ï) Diseases that affect cows causes reduction in milk production

(ii) Malnutrition

(iii) Temperature

(6di) To weaken the animal, as to avoid struggling when slaughtering.

(i) Starving the animal.

(ii) Inspection of the animal.

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